Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trynap?

TRYNAP is a web platform to freely access numerous sports and leisure venues in your city, and enjoy hundreds of activities with just one click. When and where you want.
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How does it work?

Sign up to create your profile, then search for venues and activities in your city by filters, categories and location, reserve the ones you like the most and make your weekly plan. To access the activity, you will only have to show the reservation code at the center reception that we will send you previously by email. Do not forget to check your spam folder if you do not see the email.

Where can I do the activities?

The activities can be done in any of our associated venues. We have multiple options at your disposal: gyms, yoga centers, pilates, crossfit, physiotherapy clinics, dance schools, outdoor and much more.
Currently you can book activities throughout Malaga, soon you can do so for the rest of Andalusia.

During the promotional period, how it works?

You have up to 15 days to use the 3 free promotional activities. During this time you can not do more than one activitiy in the same venue, once you have the subscription you can do as many times as you want. Keep in mind that many of the free activities of this promotion will only be available in the Premium plan later.

Can I make 3 free activities in the center associated?

You can not repeat center in this offer, we want to try different places, but after this promotional period you can repeat as many times as you want besides discovering new every week.

How many activities I can do?

You can perform up to 3 weekly activities in the Standard plan (12 per month) and up to 7 weekly activities in the Premium Plan (28 per month). If you want to do more activities than those offered on your bonus, you can do them without limits by paying 100% of each extra activity.

How many times can I go to the same venue during my subscription?


When can I work out?

The distribution of activities is done weekly, you will have from Monday to Sunday to enjoy the number of weekly activities that include your bonus. You can distribute them on different days or doing them all the same day.

Can activities be accumulated if they are not used?

Activities that have not been used during the week (Monday-Sunday) are not cumulative.

What are Exclusive activities?

Another advantage of the Premium plan is the access to a series of Exclusive activities, these are activities of greater price such as: Courses, Physiotherapy... These activities will show in the reservation button an extra amount that will be charged to the card with which you are paying the plan. The advantage of carrying out these activities is that they have up to 30% discount on the actual cost.

Would an activity be subtracted from the monthly bonus when doing an exclusive activity?

Yes, it would. Exclusive activities will only be accessible through the use of an activity in your plan.

If I want to suggest a company for Trynap, how can I do it?

If you want to suggest a venue to include it as an associate to our network and thus be able to enjoy its activities, contact us at

Does my subscription have some kind of minimum permanence?

No, there is no minimum permanence. We seek that you can do what you want, where you want and when you want with a single membership, without admin fees nor commitments.

Is renewing my subscription automatic?

The subscription will be renewed automatically every month. In the "My account" section you can see when the exact renewal date is.

Is it possible to change my plan?

Trynap offers you the possibility to change plans at any time as long as you notify it at least 3 days before the payment of your next subscription. We will send you an email confirming this change.


It is possible to cancel your subscription at any time. To avoid having to pay for the next month, you must notify us of your intention to cancel at least 3 days before the end of your subscription by simply clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button in the "My Account" section on our website.

How can I cancel the reservation of an activity?

In the section "Reservations" you can cancel each of the reserved activities, but always before 24 hours of the beginning of the activity.

If I have booked an activity, but in the end I can not attend, can I cancel it without losing that activity?

There is the possibility of canceling the activity up to a maximum of 24 hours before the start of the activity. If that activity was within your plan, the activity will be returned and also the money if it had an extra cost.

How far in advance I can book an activity?

Classes can be booked until 5 minutes before the start of it.

How do I know I should take the activities?

In the descriptions of the activities the user is informed about the necessary material, minimum level and any other type of useful information that the user must know before attending.

What should I do when I arrive at a center?

As indicated in the confirmation email of the activity, you must go to the center reception and show the reservation code.

If I am going to be away for some time, can I freeze my account without having to unsubscribe?

It is possible to freeze your account for a certain time in a very simple way, you only have to press the option to freeze in the user section. You can activate it when you want by activating in this same section the option to reactivate.

Can another person come to the activity on my behalf?

No. EVERY TRYNAP ACCOUNT IS ASSOCIATED WITH A SINGLE USER. Trynap only offers the possibility to enjoy the activities to the holders of the subscription. The venues reserve the right to request the ID or passport to verify the identity of said user.